The Confirmed Mode

Extreme Virtuality Experiences

A very, very windy day here, a wind to blow the horns of the oxen – a perfect day for reality to become a little unreal. A day to congratulate oneself for having played for hours at the dumb Crash Bandicoot racesMario’s races, you know those races where the other competitors throw at you everything they can get their hands on, bombs, pianos, crates, oil puddles … Because today, I was really happy to have spent hours (what do I say hours, whole days) dodging all those things that fall on you without warning. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a ladder unhook from the van in front of you on an expressway, when the wind is so strong that the ladder has random… movements, but then it was definitely worth the treacherous attacks of Doctor Neo Cortex. Without the habit of dodging the pianos while I was driving, I was taking it full scale – and so here I go again for a ride in my real world that can be just as much fun as the virtual world.

So, I stay on my track – if I get confused, it’s normal.

The Confirmed Mode is the second level of virtual experiences and sensations that Altair will have to offer. No more gloves, no more sweets, no more ” Be careful! “, “it’s okay? it’s not too fast?“.

We enter the Confirmed mode – you’ve already had one of these helmets on your head, you weren’t too scared – you didn’t puke your guts out – you didn’t have a seizure at all and you felt like doing it again.

I keep the principle of entering our Virtual Realities – so that I can hang these experiences in the real place: Altair.
So we enter through the “real” door, coming from the “real” city.

As you are “confirmed”, I am no longer giving you a gift. You will enter the theatre like everyone else – what do you think? Try a little bit, to go around to enter by the artists’ entrance: the entrance will be refused and you will have lost time.

The problem is that you’ll have to get to the place where you’re supposed to be on the stage artist: and you don’t know who that artist is, where he is, or how to get there.

The big part is up to you: infiltration – yes yes, I’m starting to play –
Couldn’t get in? Your ten minutes are up? But what do you want me to say? Mission Failed – Try again. Or not.
Granny and angry, that’s the Novice mode.

I still have my non-player Characters. I’ve even duplicated them, to get more. There will be more security guards : of course, you enter through the public entrance.

First part of the game: get past the hardware obstacles and NPCs to get backstage.
Second time: identify your artist – there obviously, as in all games, there is character marking / even a map to orient yourself.
Third step: you access your “place” on this artist: this place is specific and will still depend a lot on the digitized show.
Don’t panic – this is not yet the game mode where we play the most with your stomach.
Once you’ve settled on this place – you’re saved and you can admire this VR show from a completely unexpected point of view.
But since you’re not on vacation – and neither am I – you’re not going to stay on the same artist.
If you don’t do anything, you’ll be unhooked and find yourself like a pathetic bolt lost in the middle of the stage.
For my part, I like a bolt better than a ball – you can try to move to the other artist, but it won’t be too smooth.
Have you lost ‘show time’? But why are you telling me about your problems in life?
So you will have to – in due and limited time – get to the other place, on the other artist. And you will again have a different point of view on the stage.
The distribution of places and seating – obviously – will depend on the digitized show.

It’s a bit more difficult.
You still don’t really need more than your helmet and gamepad.
And there are more phases of play – that we can have randomly an infinite number of times, playing on the placement of the sets/fixed elements and non-player characters.

As I leave you with artists, this is … no actually this is not true – it’s not necessarily madness in terms of sensations.
Well – okay. It won’t be raving madness.
It’s for the next experience, furious madness.
Then it’s just going to be surprising – and mostly impossible to see in reality – from this level of play, you’ll see what no one has ever seen – because no one is possibly where you’re going to be.

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Featured Image : by Gallery World – Russia – The sea is a little more agitated, but it’s still okay, steering is not too complicated.

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