The Experienced Mode

Extreme Virtuality Experiences.

From this level of sensations in virtual reality, it will be necessary to have a more complete equipment, in order to be able to fully experience what will be proposed.

So back to my magnificent system of harnesses and cables, for which there will be sensors to perform actions and movements.
The spectator will no longer have his feet on the ground – and his hands will be positioned on the cables.

I continue in my principle of arriving in the adventure via the real Altair theatre.
In Novice mode, I entered through the artists’ entrance. It was cool.
In Confirmed mode, I entered through the audience hall, it was a little less easy because I had to manage to enter discreetly backstage.

In Experienced mode, I would enter – if I could – by the set loading truck. You know those monstrous trucks that position themselves backstage, towards the unloading dock?
So you’ll be inside that truck, as if you were part of the set.
The truck is outside – too bad, it’s closed.

It’s up to you to disentangle yourself from your situation, lost in the scenery – disassembled and in pieces -at the bottom of the truck.
You’ll have to jump a bit, climb a bit, sneak out a bit – in short, if you were planning to simply walk out, you’re not going to make it.
Then figure out how to get out of the damn truck – without being noticed by the technicians.
Get backstage – well, pretending to be a technician isn’t a bad idea, but you’ll have to start carrying one or another piece of scenery.
If by bad luck – obviously the game is rigged – but no – let’s see – “we” ask you to continue to carry and unload and carry and unload …. you will be a bit obliged to do so and then a bit obliged to come up with a great idea to get you out of this unexpected job.

After that, it will be a matter of finding the stage in which your show plays – make no mistake, there are several stages in our theatre.
And once you’ve found the right stage – then you won’t have much control.

In this experience you will be catapulted almost at random from one object to another – your only certainty is that these are objects that are in the area of the stage: above – on – below.

If this doesn’t suit you – at the view level – you will have the opportunity to try to jump to another viewpoint/anchor.

What would be fun would be to associate your positioning with a principle of magnetism: there are objects that will attract you irresistibly – it’s up to you to get away from these unwelcome attractions… if you can.
In this case, you need a few “good seats” to reach: if you can, we promise we’ll leave you quiet and you’ve earned the hard-fought privilege of seeing this show in the Prince’s Square. – The Prince of Madness, of course.

This being a level a little – not so much – well – a little more physical – is a level thought to attract an audience that likes to have more fun than to sit and admire. So he has fun and then he sits down. He’s earned the right to watch – which is far more rewarding than just buying it.

We enter much more into the game part of Altair’s show – since this is really about offering an experience quite close to what can be played – while exploiting the peculiarities of the stage and offering the final gift: to see a performance at an excellent place that is not a hall seat – slightly raised from the stage – centered – to see everything as you can never see everything.

It will remain for me to specify the Heroic level and then the Legendary level – so that I can show more clearly what is proposed.
These two levels are obviously my favorites – even if I’m not at all sure I’ll be able to experience them.

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Featured Image : a good gust of wind, as the sailors say – it’s not the storm yet, let’s not panic.

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