Blanca Li

Programming / Dance.

I couldn’t see this show last year – I believe in my chances of seeing it in early summer – and it’s just right for today, because it’s a show about joy, energy, colors, dances and bad boys – no – wait – well, our target audience – that’s better.

Not a single girl on stage, Elektrik is a choreography for 8 dancers.
And a hell of a choreography, which will make all the turn of our emotions in some well felt, formidably well danced and splendidly staged pictures.

These male dancers, Blanca Li met them in 2009, during a battle-electro.
She was thrilled by the gestures developed by this type of dance.
And when a major artist like her is excited by other artists, it always ends with a common work: the first of their collaboration is below : Electro Kif in 2013.

Yes, you have noticed? She remains in the theme of electricity.

If you take a minute to look at the excerpt from the show, you’ll notice that she has developed and put back into her art the mechanics of street dance – and here are our dancers who find themselves with all the tools of all dances, with all the mimes, with all the contortions, to our great delight.

And – as Blanca Li is not stingy – she didn’t hesitate for a long time to take everything she needed for her staging, without worrying about “yes but, madam, is it in good taste? – is it welcome? – isn’t it a little too much?“.
So here are our dancers with bright-soled sneakers – it’s in France, totally in bad taste, but on stage : it works like hell.
I hope you’ve also noticed that the lighting is a stage element in its own right – look at the shadows and dare to say it’s not beautiful!

In a nutshell: with artists like them, dance suddenly comes out of its overly classical princess clothes and becomes a popular, happy, eclectic and totally exciting art form again.

For the choice to have only boys on stage …. yes then I lose all my boys in the audience – no, it’s not true – & then the girls will find their way – and the boys will be able to think of themselves as dancers, which is, currently, totally out of the question for the extreme majority of them.
In fact, these young people simply show that they are very masculine and virile when they dance – and … it feels good.

& for my little obsessions…. obviously shows like this one are ideal links to a part of the great video games – since they are an engine of modernity & a way to fight quite… artistically.

Of course, do I need to say that ? – they have a very interesting potential for all the Virtual Reality experiences we can envisage. So: Elektrik a show to put on and put back on Altair’s stages, without any moderation.

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Featured Image : from Elektrik Blanca Li Company

Blanca Li

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