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I guess you all know what’s behind those three letters: OST – Original Sound Track

For quite a long time, it was reserved for film music – and who didn’t buy and listen – for hours! – the OST of West Side Story?

Am I in a familiar ground for you ? – yes, obviously I am.
Then I’m going on – well, on a terrain that will become slippery: the music and the audience I’m targeting.

This audience is not quite like the old one: it’s young people who are used to getting their music themselves, via the internet, and who look at you in amazement when you release CDs. Buying a CD seems to them to be worthy of the prehistoric era – and buying music as well.
Music can be listened to on websites and playlists are made.
Do you agree?

As a result, there is a big – big – dilution of the traditional audience for so-called “pop” music. And even if, as always, a favorite genre of music allows you to claim to belong to a group of young people with common values – it has lost its intensity.

This brings me to the question: what can Altair offer in music to the young and/or geek audience it targets?

I’ve already talked about it – there are huge musical formations for this style of music – I want Altair to be a reference scene for video game OSTs.
And I want – want.
There are points, I don’t care – there are points, I know I don’t know – but I’m not discussing that point.

Just look at the beginning of the following video excerpt: it’s a montage of God of War III kinematics – a music by : Gerard Marino, Mike Reagan, Cris Velasco, Ron Fish & Jeff Rona. Look only at the introduction – that’s the credits – to understand what I’m talking about.

And tell me, straight to my face, that the day Altair brings this on its stage, live, with the musicians three steps away, I don’t have a room full with my favorite audience, all of whom will get goose bumps from the emotion. Would you seriously tell me that ? Especially if in the background of the stage, there are the kinematics.

Listen to this music: we are in the purest epic.
In what chic people call classical music too – there are choirs – there are strange instruments that normally scare away youth.

And then in fact, not at all.

Listen to this one – we’re so far from the Opera – ah well? not at all, all right.

Here is an interview with Bear Mc Creary – you know him – he “is” the music of Walking Deads – who explains how he put together his composition for the latest opus of God of War.
And if you take a good look – you’ll see that the staging already exists – that it brings together an incredible audience – and that it is for the moment confined to the major events of video games: E3 and co.

You don’t believe me yet?
Look – it was at E3 in 2016 :

Without the sound – you’re at a classical concert –
With: you are at E3, for the presentation of the next opus of the game God of War
And on the screens on the right, you can see what’s going on in the room.
Yes, it’s all working.
It makes music young again

It’s so easy to put it on a stage that it’s a pity not to see it.
I took the example of God of War – there’s a show to be given per game – and musicians to invite to fill your dance books for the next 30 years.

Ah – and then – to come back to my title: OST, that’s the name of the music that my audience preferably listens to.

Not so much film OSTs – a lot of game OSTs.
And frankly, they’re right, they’re excellent songs.

Do you see the programming?
God of War‘s music on stage
Lucien’s Tragic Zeus
The music of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
The Oresteia

Only in 4 titles, I have my annual program on the theme of the Ancient Epic.
And still, I haven’t released my whole armada: circus and dance in addition – but I will.

And still, I haven’t told you about the e.sport tournament that could be invented.

And again, I haven’t even told you how much fun you could have in virtual reality – look at this credits, I beg you, and get inside my head: you’ll see what I think about when I think Virtual Reality in the Ancient Epic way. It’s going to be amazing. A pure moment of happiness

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Featured Image : God of War III – credits

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