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This is just a link to a video made by Newzoo
which explains some very interesting things about e.sport:
its origin – the reasons for its success with players – its audience – its extension, both in the West and in the East.

E.sport by Newzoo Academy Esports

I can only advise you to watch it.

And if you have time, also have a look at the article about the development of hardware (phones) adapted to 5G.

Huawei leads the market for 5G

I heard from Neom yesterday. The project finally seems to be starting up again.
It would be beautiful, Altair, perched in the mountains where Neom is going to settle. It would be a little less… desert than in Dubai, there is more green – for Westerners it counts.

So I’m going to focus particularly on this concrete e.sport tournament project between Lower Depths and Borderlands for the next few weeks – it will take me several weeks, I’m on extra time

I know, it’s a little short – I see March coming – it will soon be a year since ‘we died’ and my little inner voice laughing at me and my ability to cling to hopes more tenuous than straw, not wanting to face the truth, telling me that maybe it’s not fucked up, that maybe someone will be able to do this theatre and it will be great – even if it’s not me, besides that, I don’t care, it’s not my field – that I have to go on anyway a little bit – but it’s terrible my laugh when I laugh at myself. So it’s a little short, I have to close my eyes and continue without hoping for anything, just continue, because Altair is a big project, much bigger than me.

When I close my eyes, I see this show that doesn’t exist and that comes alive a little bit, every day a little bit more – so that’s what I’m going to talk about from now on for the most part.

oh and then … it’s no big deal or drama – the girl who’s laughing at me is me. It’s okay, I can handle myself, even if I’m unbearable, even for me. In the end, it’s not so short. It’s even a bit long.
In short: e.sport : it works – and the nénette lost in France is going to play at inventing e.sport for shows – and on top of that, Neom is back: I wonder if I wasn’t a bit too quick to see everything in dark?


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Featured Image : from NewZoo

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      1. It reminds me of a wonderful couplet;
        Never can boat sail in a same direction
        Move where the winds come from
        (Translating Urdu into English is never easy 😇) but am sure it can convey the message 🤗
        All the best my dearest sister.
        Inshaallaha! You will be rewarded with the best of bests.
        However, we need to be recipient of the best of the bests ❤🤗😊😍

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