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So I identified, for each of the 12 characters, a reason to be angry with the two owners – either to the point of wanting to eliminate them – or to steal them – or to use them or replace them. Yes, I’m a bit ahead of you – still, this is for now “my” game. I’ll lend it to you afterwards.
The main quests are identified too – they are designed to make the 12 teams play against each other – and manage to eliminate each other, while getting back enough to complete the major quest.

Now I have to specify, quest by quest, what the teams will have to have accomplished to qualify.

I also need to identify safeguards/ barriers, to avoid a Fortnite-style format from phase 3 (one: kill them all): I need 4 teams for the final.
That way, without thinking, I would have voted for the game without safeguards, and if there was only one team left, it would have to play against the owners – and a little against Altair – that is cheating. But that’s not very effective from an audience point of view, and we would lose a lot of suspense and stakes in this last phase of the game – which has to be the best of all. So : safeguards on phase 3.

You saw that I put narrative elements between the different characters, in addition to what is in the play. This will help to flesh out Phase 2, the one that will be played over time, both by the selected teams and by the other players. This is the time during which the teams will have to find out as much as possible about the friends and enemies in the troop of 12, will have to form temporary alliances, try to locate where the various quest items and expected locations will be – so as not to waste precious time during the competition.

And so, to achieve this, what did I do? Double-entry boards – that’s great, because I have the full visual potential of this game, especially for the relationships between the teams.

As a result, the elements I’ve put in place will create very curious alliances between teams, to complete quests and counter their opponents.

But since I’m really getting into the details, it’s getting really complicated and totally unsuitable for this site – unless you also love the multiple double entry tables, which are in French, because I’m not so crazy as to write this without absolute certainty of what I’m writing.

So, from this current road, I’ll give you some news – tonight, for example, I’m quite bothered by my guardrails.
It’s all well and good to have safeguards, but they still have to be effective.

I also have to remember to put in the “essential-secondary” quests the protection of the owners in phase 4 – at the moment they die, two quests become impossible –
Or else … and therefore … instead of having two impossibilities, I will propose two increased difficulties – that is to say that the objectives will always be achievable, with another ‘path’: instead of seducing or dividing the owners to take their places, it will be a matter of getting hold of the deed of ownership of the “house” and making a splendid forgery > this is therefore a forgery skill that I will add with this step.

I wonder if it’s exciting to read all this? I hope so – it allows me to go faster – then you will have more moments of reflection “out loud” with me!

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Featured Image : Atlantic road – Norway.

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  1. I sense the excitement in all of this, your urge to write is progressively higher, I can hear the frantic keyboard tapping as you write this out – the closer it gets to the bottom. Haha, nice work!

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