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I don’t see shows anymore, you know that – of course – for months and months.
So, in little bits and pieces, I remember the ones I’ve seen that I liked, that made me want to laugh and go for a drink afterwards, and maybe even two or three drinks, you don’t count those things.
There are shows that break your morale – and it can be good to come back down to earth – and there are others that help you to fly away to the land of joy – The shows of the Acrobatic Company of Tangier: Halka, take you straight to the land of joy.

It starts with the music – well, the music – in the Arab countries, it starts with the percussion and right away, something in you – in me for sure – wants to have fun.
Then the songs
Then we clap our hands and finally they are on stage: they are acrobats, that’s for sure.
They are musicians, that’s obvious.
They are dancers and it’s such a pleasure to see them.

And to top it all off, they’re actors – and these are little scenes from everyday life that come on the stage and it’s really very, very funny.

What about me? I don’t forget my e.sport tournament.
Not at all – if anything, the opposite.

And since I’m the one with Altair in my head, I’m sure that if you looked at the Halka artists as quite classical spectators.
Look at them again: how funny do you think it is to play Virtual Reality with them?
Personally, I will find it… horribly funny and I look at them and I have lots of ideas for placements quite… from novice to legendary.

And then as I’m in the search of quests that we haven’t done too much in games yet – that Altair will have in his folders all the moves quite … difficult to achieve from these huge artists … how can I resist the temptation to use these abilities for my characters and their quests?
Actually – I don’t resist.
I’ll tell you about it soon.

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Featured Image : Halka, by the Acrobatic Company of Tangier

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