Under the Jolly Roger

Video Game / Piracy

Under the Jolly Roger is an almost brand new game, from the great family of pirate games – so I will have to play it.
It uses the mechanics developed by the big AAA games – but now a bit old-

it uses the great ideas of the developers at Rare
And it offers its own original features – and seeing its whole crew of sailors perched on the ship’s masts, it’s true that it looks good.

The trailer gives an idea :

But the demo is more telling and allows to better imagine what this game could be – and how we could play with it, as a show business and not as a player:

As far as Altair is concerned – it’s not so much the pirate side (but it is, but it doesn’t look classy and distinguished to admit it) – it’s the harbors and trading posts side.

I figure that at some point, someone will understand that we are bored to death on these islands and that we should think about rewarding the pirates by giving them what they are fighting for: reasons to spend their gold.
Shows, among other things.
Dancing with pretty girls
Finally making music
Dancing capoeira fights

And not just … nothing at all…

Here it is, a continuation of the sea theme in which but no, I’m not drowning at all.

Home Page

Featured Image : Under the Jolly Roger – DLC – Jade Sea Trophies

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