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Shouldn’t the first of May be celebrated?
A bit of sunshine? even when it’s raining outside – in my house that means the plants have a chance not to die of dryness, consequently a rainy day is a rare and happy day.

So to celebrate this paradox, I went to England to get some sun – mais oui.

The sun, the sweetness of life, the joy of happy dances, isn’t it another way to define Reggae?

well… d’accord – you have the right to think that I have just performed a major cheat by combining the two – because that is exactly what I have just done.
But – well – you see – I’ll keep it, because in the end, my major cheat is not so lying.

…and this time, I won’t venture to ask you if you know the Gentleman’s Dub Club band – because it is very possible that you will have the chance to see them on one stage or another, and if it happened to you, I will be jealous.
I haven’t had that chance yet – as soon as I get it, of course I’m going to throw myself into their concert hall.

These boys have, quite happily, – like many other bands for that matter – taken the melodies of reggae, but since it’s all about inventing, they’ve mixed in a whole bunch of other melodies, musical phrases & instruments, to do what they wanted to do, without worrying too much about codes or a box to be put in.

It is enough to look at them to realize that the main energy of all these young people, it is the cheerfulness.

They have fun, they put on pretty white shirts black tie and take again the codes of the ska, they pose as old gangsters of the 30s, and especially, especially, as soon as they go up on a stage, they radiate happiness to be there :

So yes – I know that, as a sun, the real sun does not have the same effect at all.
They are a metaphorical sun.

It’s good to be a metaphorical sun, isn’t it ?
With this, it is quite practical – you see, if you come out : all red, it’s because you danced too much – or drank too much – or both – but the next day, no more sunburn.
On the other hand, the beautiful mood of the great blue sky days and the heat that burns your feet, yes, you will have had it too.

So, they are perfect.

I’m not talking about them absolutely by chance: they’re releasing a brand new album – it’s fresh – and if you’re in their neighborhood, go see them, I’m totally sure you won’t regret it. Do you want to listen a little?

A little, is that enough? But no, not at all.
Here is their latest baby in almost live : Down to Earth

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Featured Image : some gentlemen from the Gentleman’s Dub Club

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