Aguas Trio


A little more music, to celebrate this upcoming summer.
Tonight, Caribbean sounds, here is Cuba which settles the time of a concert, South America with the voice as hot as rocky

Aguas Trio : Omar Sosa, Yilian Cañizares, Gustavo Ovalles

Aguas Trio is a timeless trio that presents itself for this show: Omar Sosa at the piano, a man who needs no introduction, a great man who has dragged his soul and his art to all corners of the world

Here is his work under confinement: what is a confinement? Sometimes, often, technology breaks down these barriers and here he is, with his comrades, breaking down boundaries and playing, having fun, literally enjoying music with and for us, and inviting us all on a journey to East Africa :

Yilian Cañizares is a Cuban singer – & astonishing violonist – who is such a marvel of her island that when you listen to her, you have the impression of listening to the immemorial song, you listen to her and you already know her and yet she is an encounter – just for that, to pass her voice is a real delight, a small miracle

As for making music without percussion, but what a horrible idea that would be –
So here is the third pillar of the trio, Gustavo Ovalles, Venezuelan who started out interested in all the roots and stories of music in his country, and then moved on to the roots and stories of Brazil, continuing his journey very deep into the first sources of the countries he visits
He is a precious musician, with an immense artistic sensibility – so when he is the one on the drums, be sure that you have left the helm to a great master :

So when these three artists meet and pool their loves, their wonders, their landscapes and their sounds, it produces a show that is quite – how can I put this? – enchanting is not enough – a summer show, a show of warmth and sun, a show of warm and vivid colors, a show where you let yourself slide, lie in the shade and listen to :

Did you like it as much as I liked it?
I can’t doubt it!
and then…. so I mention it just like that, in passing – but this so warm music coming from the Caribbean, from these incredible – for a European – South American countries, all decorated with incredible pirate stories…. of course, it goes very well with my nice theme of piracy and my even nicer links to establish between games and shows.

All right, all right, I’ll stop telling you the same obsessions – I’ll stop… for tonight.

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Featured Image : Aguas Trio

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