Birds on a wire

Rosemary Standley & Dom La Nena


It is a real favorite that I share with you tonight.

So – sorry – the lyrics are mostly in French – but the voice is so beautiful, do we really need to understand the words?

The music tells the story of a girl who started to sing, in the square at noon, and it’s so hot, and she dances, claps her hands to give herself rhythm, she turns and she sings, in her heart a right feeling of sweetness, you know ? the sweet flame that warms you from the inside, a feeling that this girl, as a child in the church, she called good God – the lovers call it love, the sun calls it day, the kind ones goodness and the beggar charity:

This one, La Marelle, tells you about the little, little girl, who plays hopscotch, who goes from the earth to the sky, between the chance and the sky, you come back and it’s over, little girl throws the stone well and be careful where you put your foot… and here is to put back in our adult heads that the children’s games, they only need space and a chalk and that we let them dream of succeeding in reaching “the sky”, but yes, yes, of course I’m going to get there :

well… this one, in English – yes this one I think you know, and I hope you love it :

Here is Dom La Nena, the so charming fairy from Brazil with her sweet voice, a little bit hoarse, her cello that makes us touch the sky and her music that falls like drops of rain :

Dom La Nena

Here is Rosemary Standley, singer of the band Moriarty – this girl has a voice? that literally bewitches me :

Rosemary Standley

They found each other – they put their artistic sensitivities in common and that gave : Birds on Wire

Frankly, these two girls enchant me – they are two real artists – not silly girls, not girls who make me ashamed to be a girl, so they are stupid and mean, no no, Dom and Rosemary are real beautiful, great and generous artists, who undertake to rock our hearts with all the beauties of music.

And how, tell me, how could I not share this treasure with you?
All I wish is that it will make your heart glow

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Featured image : Birds on a wire – Sur la place

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