BD.SV – step 1

If I tell you that I’ve made a lot of progress, I’m lying to you.

I’ve made quite a bit of progress on my little book – I’ve got the structure – what I want to put in it – and a few pages of first draft, not too bad.

But the other one… well, my head looks like a cauliflower.
I need to keep exploring character by character before I tie everything together.
I’m stuck with Bubnov and with Medvedev for the men – with Nastia for the girls.

I also have to manage when to stay in the classic – character fittings for example. Should I necessarily go for unlikely alliances? yes – but not too much either – it’s a question of dosage.
So choose one – two unlikely alliances and no more. Test everything – choose.

How do you handle Borderlands characters in a story like this? They’re meant to kill monster – not greedy, hypocritical old fogies – they just blow the fogie and it’s over.
So? put monsters? a little, a lot, not at all?

By what means?
That’s another question – the door that allows the two universes to meet will also allow the monsters to enter.
And here I can even have a lot of fun – I don’t know if you’ve ever come across someone having a delirium attack – I have. And the monsters, he was full of them.
Bubnov could be the one in the troupe who sees the monsters – with the actor and his alcohol-soaked body.
And so the characters in Borderlands have a realistic justification: they kill the monsters of the drunks.

Hmm…. well, this is a draft, you don’t normally read moments like this. I am in the process of creating the dough. It’s so far from being finished that I might as well not talk about the end

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