BD.SV – step? step.

So tonight… I wonder if you’ll be mad at me? I hope you’re not working? Or that if you are working, it’s a terribly awesome and great job and well paid too.

Because me… so… I had a lot of fun with my “little book” – I dove into all the amazing and very particular lines I knew and imagined them just adapted into a whole bunch of games
Without saying it, I pulled out some big big authors – Rabelais’ slipper, Joinville’s horsemen, the sailors of the same, Procopius’ morons, in short a whole lot of secondary characters with quite unforgettable lines.

And after that, I was tired, of course.
My sons took up Mass Effect – remastered.
So what happened? Well, I played.
The terrible thing about Mass Effect is that I always get lost. A corridor that looks like a corridor – an elevator that is a clone of another – it reminded me of the hours of wandering in the sewers of Kotor – there are people who find their way like that, and then me, who can find myself 3 times in a row in the same elevator without realizing before arriving that it was always the same.
A real orientation bug, I am.
Don’t get me started on the map – I know there’s a map, the little flag to place -Yes, but in Mass Effect 1, the flag disappears all the time.

So I spent a few hours getting lost – exploring planets useless for the main quest – but the way to remember the right one? none.

I could say I didn’t play.
That I worked.
I’m looking for games with many NPCs: how not to go back to Mass Effect? to pay attention to the NPCs’ dialogues? to think: here, we could make them say that, it would be funny.

In all honesty, I thought about it at first. Then I got lost. Then I got busy finding my way around and I completely forgot to pay attention to the dialogues.

So now – at this point – I’m not going to invent a major breakthrough for Border Depths because I haven’t moved an inch. I’ve stayed on the same step.

I still have 3/5 of the game to finish.
I’m afraid I’ll be skating on the step for a while yet… but I’ll at least try to remember to pay attention to the NPCs’ dialogue – after all, there are bars in Mass Effect too – even though the atmosphere is still largely more serious than in Borderlands.

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Featured Image : Mass Effect 3 – Citadel

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