BD.SV – Step 1.5

Yes yes, I am on my way to step 2 – exactly between 1 and 2
No – no, you don’t have to think that this is a vile cheat, that it’s a childish trick and that I’m saving time, pffu, me ? Never.

It is true that my trash can is full of failed papers.
I always start with a few mistakes.
This results in sheets with almost unreadable sentences, lots of ugly drawings, because I can’t draw and I’m scribbling while thinking about something else.

But – I tried – and failed, yes, all right all right, it’s true – to find a tone, a way of writing that suited me.

I left too casually – second reading: but it sucks to tears.
I tried something classier, more classic – I got bored myself.
I tried first person – it doesn’t go too well.
Third person, playing in TPS is a good way to play – it didn’t fit at all.
It annoyed me, you can’t even imagine.

So I collapsed in my deckchair.
I closed my eyes.
I started telling the story to myself.
And so, as I had foreseen, I became the narrator in the background – which allowed me to lighten up the moments that were a little long and a little too explanatory.

I will abandon the principle of the space-time frame to be explained/posed/situated from the beginning.
It’s lame lame lame.
What do I care if I set the action in 2045 or 3984? I don’t want it to look like a science fiction novel.
So I don’t place – if I don’t place, the present is the supposedly correct time.
As for location, sober is the rule.
I’m not telling the story of characters who have a problem to solve – so I don’t care about those details.

I’m going to go back to a principle I tried a while back – that of exploding secondary characters in tiny paragraphs – I’m awash with characters, since I want to tell an tournament from as many points of view as possible.
The problem – it’s a big problem – is that it’s understandable and fun to read.

There I lose time – because I always go too fast, I spend my life missing steps, I have to go back, I have to explain what I forgot to explain – there you know, my head is unbearable, why don’t I have a good head?
After the 2nd passage : explain, the 3rd ; lighten, the 4th : read again – you don’t understand anything, explain again etc.

I know why I like to make cement quite often – it is much more cheerful quickly.
By the way, I still have two half-walls + a small terrace and a ceiling to redo. I’m saving that for August.

Now I’m moving forward – fast for that matter – with my unpretentious little book – in fact I do: I pretend to be able to write a serious subject in a light way, and in fact, … that’s also difficult because I mustn’t exaggerate, I mustn’t sink into : it’s heavy, my poor girl – and I must pass the ultimate barrier: I’m still a girl who talks about video games and that’s quite a barrier.

You see, I’m not doing totally nothing at all: I’ve undertaken to get out of my mental swamp – and no, no, it’s not that easy at all, especially since I’m still a bit lazy.

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Featured Image : Les Bas Fonds -Jean Renoir 1936

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