BD.SV – step 2

That’s it, I made it, to my step 2.
I wanted to make the 1.25 step joke – because 1.75 was too much to be expected – but repeated jokes are quickly becoming unfunny.

So here I am, I found my beginning.
I was at the beach, chewing on this thing – and then voila, I got it, my first page.
It’s amazing how I can go around a pot for days on end without stopping or even seeing it – a headless duck running & screaming “coin-coin” all around, literally.

So I had my pot and I saw it – badly.

And yet, there it was, within reach.
From the beginning I knew what I didn’t want to do with this version.
Anyway – the duck got its head back.

So I have this starting tone, which conditions absolutely everything else.
It will start like this:

“The world is full of people with genial ideas. I’m no exception to the rule, and like everyone else, I have a whole container of fabulous ideas just waiting to save the world – or to be realized.

But – or so – of course, when it comes to realizing all the ideas that come to our minds, we think we’d have to live at least 347,000 years. So, as we don’t have the “infinite life” mode, we let them sink with more or less strong regrets.
The only ones that remain on the surface of the mind are those that persist in not dying forgotten at the bottom of a pot.

It is therefore to an idea that does not want to die forgotten at the bottom of a pot – or worse: filed away somewhere at home – that I invite you for… a good many pages.
To realize it is for the moment quite improbable.

However, as activating our imaginations costs absolutely nothing but free time, it is on your free time that it will start to come to life.
Then, it’s up to you to see if you have free time for it.

Imagine that in your city, instead of a field of industrial ruins, there is a theatre.
Not just any theatre. Dream of the most formidable, the most magnificent, the most magical – and you will have it.
It’s not a theatre made for others – it’s a theatre made for you. Or not. It’s made for you, if you love to play – not to act, to play. If you don’t, you can go to the real theatre in the next town.

At the end of the theatre season – and therefore at the end of this book – there will be a performance of a show in a genre that no one has ever seen before. Of course, it doesn’t exist yet.”

Tonight you have a total exception to all my rules – I’m giving you the first draft without proofreading or editing.
So in 39 proofreadings and as many corrections, the text won’t really look like this anymore, but still a little bit.

The first person who dares to tell me that he thought he was reading a novel after that, he gets one, paf, in the nose. It’s not a novel, it’s another kind of virtual world and why the hell don’t I write another kind of virtual world if I want to?
As I want, I do.

Step 3 will be the implementation – so far, a nameless mess in my brain.
Maybe after a few beaches?

While waiting for the clutter to settle, I’m moving forward, on my little book

Home Page

Featured Image : Borderlands – Handsome Jack – GearBox

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