Day, work side: “little book” – I think I have the gist of the first two very small chapters.

Oddly enough, I found my solution to my current problem when I tried it in English.
For the past few … long hours at least, I’ve been trying to adapt pieces of dialogue for video games.
As usual, when you put it that way, it’s great and fast.

Actually, it’s great but a little fast – or a little slow.
My real problem was the status of the characters at the beginning.
I started out thinking it didn’t matter, I picked a bunch of clips with characters that were so general that it didn’t seem like a problem.

And then it did.
Thanks Mass Effect 2 – where I’m testing my weapons and powers exactly today.
Do I wonder who I’m testing on? Not at all – I’m testing on the first NPC it works on.

So if I want to “play” with NPCs, they have to be absolutely neutral, without even a specific qualification. Male female old young … no no no, this is not good.

And now the English – miracle, I find.
I have a scene a woman in the water and the other who refuses to save her. With this, I am almost stuck.
But if I forget the man/woman duet? it gives me a scene: The Wet / The Dry
And it works with any kind of NPC, as long as there are two of them around and one of them ends up – probably because of the player – in the water.

The moment I got my hands on this stupid and so simple thing, I had unlocked everything.
And then … I was able to move on.

I still have to format it, type it on the computer and maybe start translating it – especially since, curiously enough, it was English that saved me from the mess I was about to get into.

I don’t know if I’m being very clear tonight?
I must not be at all – I think I’ve forgotten what you know and what you don’t yet know about this little book.
And then I’m so sure you know everything!

I’ll read it again tomorrow and try to be more clear.
In the meantime, I’ve gotten to the hard part of my little book – it’s going to be front and center for a while.

Oh yes – and today I managed to put three turrets and a bunker in this book – so now I’m ultra proud of myself.
And at the same time? at the same time, I’m talking about a video game and I don’t place a single turret? it wasn’t serious at all.

I swear I didn’t drink anything and I don’t use drugs – but I did place my turrets – well I think I’m tired now, I’ll explain it all tomorrow.

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