The Handsome Jackpot

I never showed you this, did I?

It’s a DLC for Borderlands 3 – it’s got everything I want in it – for the little book as well as for the : places you don’t know what to do with, then I know what tatata – NPCs whose voices you can only hear – bad guys to kill because playing is also about killing bad guys
As I’m going backwards in my ambitions, I will focus on this last opus – it’s not important anymore and it allows me to go concretely on the field.

For just a glimpse, you can take a look at this :

I’ve watched quite a few players do this world – it gives me a better than good knowledge of it.
And then it’s okay, they “work”, my Gorky clips. And a whole bunch of other ones for that matter.
I think I’m coming out of my high fever and cold episode – damn, I’ve been sick as a dog these two days.

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Featured Image : Borderlands 3 – Gearbox

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