Sayonara Wild Hearts

Video Games / Music & Dance

A little walk in the huge universe of independent video games.
You will play for about twenty hours – not more.
You won’t live an adventure in realism mode at all…

On the other hand… for about twenty hours you will be a very charming (but yes), heartbroken young woman (otherwise it’s not a game nor a story) – who gets on her motorcycle and speeds off through the streets – or else – … musicalized.

Each level has its own music – its own rhythm – its own complete skid in the art direction – and skidding in a controlled way, full of eyes you will have.

It’s pop, don’t blame me for not hearing great music that moves valiant hearts – I haven’t found that.

It’s completely kitsch – because picking up hearts on the way is kitsch – yes but, say, she’s got a broken heart the girl – it’s kitsch but not totally irrelevant either.

The bosses? are quite extravagant – and I think it’s an avalanche of pink elements like I’ve rarely seen.

Most of it is reminiscent of the very famous racing games, when it’s all about going fast, well and always in the right places – on a motorcycle for the most part, but if you have to slide on a skateboard or a Tarot de Marseille card, let’s go for it.

Tarot de Marseille

It’s quite amazing that our homegrown Gypsy Tarot is so far from its roots – these cards are also used in my great JoJo series – okay, I’ll stop with the Joeystar family – still, our cards have gone everywhere. They are very beautiful and very interesting.

End of the aside: tarot de Marseille.

One of the reasons I’m interested in this game is because of the dance performances it offers that… would fit so well on a stage – in fact.

In fact, that’s exactly what I liked, much more than picking up weird hearts of all colors on their way.

Can you imagine the show?
In the background, the game’s decorations
The music
And the dancers… in real – in there – in : seriously, they did it.

It would be huge.

Home Page

Featured Image : Sayonara Wild Hearts, by Simogo – published by Annapurna Interactive 2019/2020

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