Inconsistent Idea


I think that this desire for a show is worth nothing at all, because everything I’ve seen in connection with this theme was of a nullity to make all the cathedrals of the world collapse at once.

But still – it would be a lot of fun to see an excellent show on this theme.
It’s about the discovery of language.

We are transported to the prehistoric era.
Seriously, the appalling performances with actors who looked like poor retards, dragging themselves across the stage and grunting – but atrocious.

Still – the sons of the Feral Ages – I like the words alone.
All the pathetic grunting should be removed.

What can be the first word between them?
My money is on “eat”.

And the second word? “Me”? – Me eat.

How do you make others understand these words?
Show them I think.

We could even have some pretty funny moments – when the one who made himself understood is offered to eat an ugly old root.

Arrival of the 3rd word : mammoth.

Me eat mammoth – and the first anger of the one who can’t make himself understood.

And this hope so disappointed, when instead of the beautiful huge mammoth, to burst the belly, we see arriving something small, thin, sick, puny – easy to hunt and transport, but not at all a real beautiful mammoth of carnivorous imagination.

Arrival of the 4th word : big.
Me eat big mammoth.

And instant creation of the 5th word: No – the answer.
And the 6th in the wake : Quick.

Unfolding this mini-history like this, we could see the creation of the language.

I know very well how many traps there are in this idea – and mammoth traps – . I know that it is a little short put like that – but I like it, anyway.

Maybe on two levels, with a kind of narrator who comments? A scandalous revival of Kipling’s principle of telling his stories?
In any case, no prehistoric fashion on stage – no, that’s absolutely atrocious.

Still, the idea lingers in the back of my mind – it’s true, I loved reading Rahan when I was a kid.
It wasn’t kitsch. Prehistoric man was not retarded. They had terrifying adventures.

Rahan – Roger Lécureux & André Chéret.

It would be necessary to imagine a show in this spirit: one that shows the totally incredible dimension of these men – and that would show how language appeared, by chance.

It could be a very exciting show to watch.
Or atrocious.
But no, not atrocious – I have a lot of shoes to kick at those who would inflict another atrocious show on me.

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Featured Image : Rahan – comics series – Roger Lécureux & André Chéret.

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