Non-player characters for Altair

Altair Twin – AA App

My new revelation, if I may say so, has been bothering me all day.

It is however an obvious fact.
No – it’s almost obvious.
To animate Altair Twin, to animate the application, you necessarily need secondary characters: which ones to choose? how to invent them? what functions to give them? what relationships with the spectators?

Perhaps you remember that the most elegant way to put this marvel called Altair Twin on the video game stage was to take a ship from the immense game under permanent construction that is Star Citizen.

I remain on this option.
It has, among other advantages, the one to free us totally from any kind of realism.

This opens up an infinite number of graphic realizations for the characters – and an infinite number of different experiences for each of them.
That’s already a point.
But it’s not enough at all.

So, as my subject is the world of the spectacle, and that this world is nourished, literally, by immense, famous, revered figures and all that…. I say to myself in first stage that it will be necessary to go to pick in these various great figures: authors, artists, roles, creators etc.

But it doesn’t suit me because it’s too direct.
I’d probably find it very kitschy to meet Mozart somewhere in the lost worlds of Star Citizen, but it would be infinitely cumbersome.
No ?
Being in the majority in my brain, I tell myself I’m right.

So no, no great figure directly stuck in there.

On the other hand, a character with the laughter of Mozart, with his lightness and his infernal enthusiasm, yes.
A deaf musician, yes.
A beauty without arms, yes, obviously.
A guy who plays with skulls, of course
A splendor of grace with a dual personality – how could we miss that one?

You can even go further and mix major characteristics, to get a new character, a strange offspring, a splendor without arms with an infernal enthusiasm and an insolent lightness.

Then you have to be able to think about their roles: the greatest plays the greatest films become legendary thanks to the secondary characters.
I’m not going to launch you tonight into this quest, which is a real work of reflection, which is thought, rethought, thought again, polished and sculpted – but this is what it will take to obtain unforgettable characters.
When I talk about their roles, I’m talking about their relationship with you, who will in fact be the major character.

It doesn’t take a friend, a crush, extras.
You need several different friends, several possible romances, choices to make, quests to go on with them – in the AA App – depending on who they are and how they can help you.

So an idea of the various quests to be carried out becomes important, to invent characters that can be connected.

Not easy. That’s right. Uneasy, yes – but thanks to them, when you enter Altair Twin, when you launch the mobile app, you will be on familiar and friendly ground.

And as I am an unbearable girl with a good sense of continuity, even if it may seem to you a kind of nameless mess – it will be necessary to place, quite often, secondary characters straight out of the most eccentric, epic, funny, what have you, pages of literature and shows of the world.

Not to do so would be to forget the objective of Altair Twin and the Application: these are virtual places that must be thought of as well as possible to be “replayable” with pleasure and surprise every time.

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Featured Image : Star Citizen – Abyss – by Chris Roberts / Cloud Imperium Games

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