Marvellous Instruments n° 2


Did you notice the same thing I did?
When it comes to programming music, the rules seem immutable: you program a genre – no ma’am, you don’t mix classical and rap, or jazz, or who knows what. You program a composer. You program a century when you want to look so learned.
But never – or so rarely – do we program a series dedicated to an instrument.
And ….

seriously ? how many lovers per instrument are there? I’ll avoid the desert sand trick, but it’s not far off.
Perhaps this oversight is only valid in France?

Tonight, I am repairing – a little – the oblivion that is prevalent in my country – with the clarinet, which is a magnificent instrument and yet not very well promoted.
And listen carefully, there is everything, when we are interested first of all in the instrument and in all the warmth that can emerge from it.

Even tango, on the clarinet – frankly? wasn’t it worth the detour?

Isn’t this kid great? Dare to say he isn’t – you’d be lying – with this, it’s so good to see a kid play so well and love music and the world so much :

No – you won’t avoid Mozart – did you think of that? The whimsical genius, who manages, through the centuries, to still send us all his lightness, all his happiness to live, in spite of the crumbling armies that pretend to appropriate him and make him forget under tons of false airs. Obviously Mozart, obviously his joy, obviously his little mockingbird, we are talking about the clarinet and Mozart probably loved all instruments madly

Isn’t this a good idea for programming?

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