Mirabilia Festival


This Festival comes to us straight from Piedmont, and Italy is inevitably in the spotlight.

I know that the circus, in the performing arts, is the one that is poorly considered.
The one of the acrobats, of the barefooted, of the what? we don’t know who or what.
Perhaps it is not striking enough from a sentimental point of view?
Not intellectual enough?
Not mentally stunning enough?
I can’t explain this lack of love for these arts.

Well, lack of love of facade.
A circus show impresses us, it sometimes scares us, it often makes us laugh, it does not leave us indifferent – because circus artists are people who take their art very seriously.

So, if we claim to be inventing a new kind of theatre, without constantly inviting circus shows, we are just good enough to throw away in the garbage can around the corner.

Mario Levis – the saw player tree – in Mirabilia Festival 2014

To convince you, I can only invite you to admire the artists invited by this Italian festival, absolutely brilliant.

It honors, in the streets of the city, artists of street circus, artists of street theatre, all more inventive and ingenious than the others, all extravagant, all improbably creative.
So if you want to go and find circus shows…. you have to go through Piedmont.
It is absolutely necessary.

I’m not even talking about the platinum mine that these shows represent when it comes to talking about virtual reality in Legendary mode.
Look what they’re playing with, these artists.

Mirabilia 2019

& now, tell yourself that in Legendary Mode, you’ll be there.

No, not in/on one or two artists. In their show material.

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Featured Image : in Festival Mirabilia

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    1. oh, thank you ! I say to myself that in order to find artists, real ones, not “sons of”, we must also ask ourselves what touches us all, what amazes us all – without putting the usual filters of thought.
      And the circus – well, obviously, how can you not adore the circus and circus artists? 🙂

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