More classic or more modern ?


Or you don’t want to choose?
If you don’t feel like choosing, then fine, neither do I.

I can only invite you to admire without confronting the magnificent performance of these two dancers –
Would you believe that they confront each other? Not in the least – they answer each other, it is a game, it is art.

Leilani Tian and Skyler Semien

The most exciting part of this little story is that this is a performance by two students – okay, they’re out of school – and they promise to be particularly creative, since they’ve set no boundaries.
No choices means more freedom – and more danger, it’s true, you can miss out on everything when you’re too free.
But it is the only way to win everything.

Is it good? Are you ready?
So here’s what it can look like – yes I know, the purists will swallow their teapots in fright at least –
But I’m not a purist
& in Swan Lake, the dark side is so well seen in this version …. Odette-Odile in a new version :

As for this arrangement for The Nutcracker, I saved it for last: in addition to being a masterful performance, both on the choreography and on the musical arrangements, they found a way to be funny – and there, obviously, it’s great

Here we go – everyone is ready for the Elcors to play Hamlet and the Volus to dance Coppelia.

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Featured Image : Ghettoven

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  1. My God! I hope you are well anyway! What was it made of? Is it digestible? not to say palatable ???? Would you like me to send you a new teapot? – this story is going to ruin me in teapots! 😀 😀 😀


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