Marimba & Vibraphone

Marvellous Instruments n° 4


The marimba is an African instrument of Bantu origin, which is a resonator xylophone that has spread to many Latin American countries.
The xylophone… it’s the same without the resonator.

The two together give an absolutely wonderful musicality – you are under the rain, oh yes, it’s true, but it’s a delicate rain that sounds like so many little crystals.

Beware: it can also be quite light and catchy, the proof:

By the way…. ooooh, what a coincidence: the music of Zelda, arranged and played by? dirty kids who love video games so much, but, not only ….

Or maybe you prefer Mario? Don’t worry, we have the musicians for the instrument –

It’s strange, sometimes I feel like I’m preaching in the desert, when all the evidence is there :

Okay, let’s talk about classical music: oooh, more musicians!

Let’s end with a legend: Mr. Lionel Hampton :

and … this is just for pleasure, because some musicians have become eternal, thanks to technology

The more I explore this modality of music programming, the more I am enchanted by it – I find treasures at every step, under every title, treasures where – isn’t that so curious my dear Watson ? – the young geeks are so present and so magnificently in their place…

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