Work ? in progress

I would love to be one of the geniuses of the century and have the mental capacity to make my brain work on many different subjects.

Well, I am not one of the geniuses of the century and I don’t have that mental capacity at all.

So I am currently working my brain on only one subject – but it is working a lot. If I had to use an image, I would say that I am making a new ball of yarn.

It is, for me, a difficult job that takes absolutely all my time, my energy, my concentration.
Next to it there is nothing at all.

It’s a ball of yarn that concerns, of course, Altair, and I’m very, very happy with what I’m inventing at the moment.
But it’s very complicated – and I’m taking the clear risk of tackling something that requires a better intelligence than mine, I can miss everything – that, well, it doesn’t matter, it will only be a waste of time.

Once I finish this new ball of yarn, I can resume my usual purring – before that it’s just impossible.

Of course I have no idea how long it will take me, nor the possible bumps I will encounter along the way, which will force me to start over. – I’m counting in days, not weeks for these subjects – I’m unable to concentrate more than in days at this point.

All this to say that I have lost nothing, neither faith nor enthusiasm nor confidence – but I am focused to the maximum on my new idea. Which is, from my point of view as a story-loving literary person, quite an enchantment.

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