La Vie Parisienne


Isn’t it time for a little casualness?
So, it’s time to live a little of the Parisian life.

This opera is not at all serious.

How could it be, when you see this ?

La Vie Parisienne – Operetta by Offenbach

It starts in a train station – Parisian stations are very famous for all kinds of gallant misunderstandings – and here we are with a woman and her three lovers.
Not all three at the same time, of course. One after the other, but these gentlemen did not want to be ejected in favor of another.

What will our beautiful Parisian woman do, confronted with these three men?
Run away, that’s one idea.
Missed, they saw her.
Then deny all – in pure & total bad faith -and then she sings: these men? ah no, no, I don’t know them, no, no, no – or maybe? hm…wait… yes I might have danced with one of them once, but in truth, no no I don’t know them – not at all, not at all, not at all

The tone is given: there will be no beautiful and great love story, it is not the tone of the Parisian parties.
On the other hand, flirting, singing, laughing, dancing, having fun, going from one lover to another, that’s more the tone of Paris. You will fall in love in a quarter of a second
Alas, you will fall madly in love with someone else just as quickly – Paris, the drama of lightness.
The story is perfectly confused, we cross and intertwine – but always full of lightness.

I particularly like this version, in a very modern Paris that, basically, hasn’t changed at all. Only the costumes have changed.

for this extract, all the Parisians – and even all the French, recognized in the Brazilian all these famous foreigners who come to Paris to burn their gold there… the women are so pretty, the clothes are so expensive, the other girls are so bitches, it is necessary to buy my friend, go, go, don’t be so stingy – Oh ! are you ruined? But my good man, come back when you’ve made your fortune again – I promise – I do – you won’t be forgotten :

And when it is Adrienne Pauly who sings, then you have exactly the model of the young French woman – a model that is harshly attacked by your ladies, who are strangely prudes compared to what we learn at home :

It was the little moment of entertainment in Paris

A very cheerful opera, which makes you want to party – and it seems to me that this is the right thing to do at the moment.

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