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I keep saying that we need to bring our audience into the heart of the shows, that we need to leave the door open for them to participate, right?
I’m rambling, I’m going to end up in an old people’s home before my time.

So I’ll keep on rambling.
This time on the theme: classical music.
I have nothing against white heads who love classical music, but I would like to see a lot of hairy heads in the room.

Here is a proposal. I mean : an example

Let’s take a performance of Peter and the Wolf.
There will be hairy heads ? children, because it’s a children’s story? yes yes, of course.

Tsss. But. – We can do better.
Imagine this: you propose to those spectators who want to, to start by qualifying to “answer” during the show.
Answering means that some of them will play a part of the score.
You don’t have to be a musician to answer, you have to be an excellent player.

How ?

Mm. Maybe…… Let’s try ?

oh yes

First step : the music

Listen for a little while to remind you of this music – or trust me.

I chose this piece because it associates a character with an instrument – which makes it very easy to identify how I want to proceed with the play – and for a show in which the audience will participate in the music.

Second step : the mobile music game

Let’s say we make our audience play a game like Magic Piano Tiles
Do you know it? – if you want, you can try : Magic Piano Tiles Online

There is an overview on youtube- if we were Minecraft characters, with an almost normal Professor Koro, and we had to play this… :

Monster School : Magic Tiles 3 Alan Walker Songs Challenge – Minecraft Animation, by TT animation

– & oK, it’s a bit long to get started… but once you do, you’ll have a good idea of what the possible difficulties of the game can be, how to make several people play at the same time, how to go up to the insane level by playing in 3D – in short, ideas

That’s okay ?

You have everything in mind?
The characters/instruments from Peter and the Wolf and the mobile music game?

Here’s the idea – we’re taking over one of these music mobile games on the AA App.
We offer before the concert starts for the audience to qualify – which is not too hard to do, have you seen the scoring system?

This will allow us to have only qualified players in the room to play – and if there aren’t any, well that’s another time – or a bot from Altair if we have to cheat, let’s cheat.

During the show, qualified spectator-players will have a part of a character’s score to play in the Magic Piano Tiles style – the sound that will be played will obviously be that of the company’s musicians, who will have recorded it beforehand, obviously, of course, lilila lalalili & évidemment in French.

On the stage, we will be able to display the spectator’s game giving his version of the score – obviously again, if he misses, it will be over – to the musicians on stage to take over – I am not worried about that, since jazz everyone knows that real musicians are not short of creativity.

This allows us to have the face(s) of the real musicians challenging the spectator – you know those musicians that no one ever recognizes? they are lost in the orchestra… they won’t be lost at all.

The spectator who will have realized this will never forget this concert. Neither will the others. So it may sound like a gimmick, a detail – but I come back to my basic position: we have to let our spectators in, and it is possible nowadays to do so.

I’ll have to think about the “noob” version – low level player, like me who is a dark nullity at this kind of game – so that it doesn’t only attract big game fanatics.

Monster School : Magic Tiles 3 Alan Walker Songs Challenge – Minecraft Animation – by TT Animation

As for the version with several spectators at the same time on the score, but…. but I dream of it!

Does this betray the score? The work? I have no idea.
On the other hand I know that it will bring to these classical works a whole public which was not interested at all.

And it can only be a huge moment of fun and excitement – so my goal is achieved.
The rest still doesn’t interest me at all.

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