Uppsala Reggae Festival

Looking for Music

Some days, well… music.

I accept your condescension, so, since I propose a return to Reggae.

Yes but … this is the latest version of Reggae, it dates from this summer.

And besides, in Uppsala – and frankly, it’s not Uppsala that I imagine first when I hear Reggae.

So I went to listen to this : Uppsala Reggae Festival 2021 .

I’d like to point out that you have to go directly to 1 hour 11 of the video so that we talk about the same thing – otherwise you’ll be stuck in the black hole of the internet for … too long

while listening, I discover a group, and then another one, and then another one
Who are into reggae, that’s right.

The reggae of our days, of now – the reggae that anyone can program with pride.
There’s the sound of reggae – you can’t go wrong
There is its atmosphere – yes yes, when you are tired of everything, you sit down, listen, daydream and get a another taste for life.

I’ll let you discover – I found at least 3 “new” great gems in there – and a few others that I should “dig”.

Because, it’s good to talk about shows, music and all that – but it means going to see, going to listen, going to be enchanted or bored to death – and then programming the ones you liked.


You will tell me if this is a purely personal impression, but the more the night in Uppsala goes on, the more I found myself enchanted. Didn’t you?

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Featured Image : Program for Uppsala Reggae Festival

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