Marvellous Instruments n° 6

Listen to the oud and let the Arabic soul, the Persian soul, the Oriental soul, pierce your heart.

These are slow melodies, most of the time, that are played on the oud. Nostalgic melodies. Music that tells of fatigue, immensity, crushing and the infinite pleasure of finally being able to sit, breathe, remember.

It is said that this instrument was born in Babylon, in 1800 BC. Perhaps it is its great age that gives it its immense wisdom?
No one gets agitated by the sound of the oud.

This is how it sounds, when the musician is a virtuoso : Naseer Shamma

Naseer Shamma

This instrument has gone through history – it has been transformed – when it arrived in Europe, it drifted and gave birth to the lute and the mandolin.
When it arrived in Medina, it took its present form.
It is with it to accompany that will be sung the great epic battle of the Count Roland, nephew of Charlemagne, died in the Pyrenees with his sword Joyeuse at his side.

And nowadays, it remains a favorite instrument, as much in Turkey as in Morocco, as in all the Middle East.
Favored and therefore continuing its journey through time.
In the 70’s, it enters the Jazz – here is an example, on a composition of Anouar Brahem:

And here is how this instrument continues its beautiful life as an instrument, with a heart that is both faithful to its roots and at the same time soaring towards the future:

I cannot pretend to make a list of the great music and great compositions made with the Oud. It is possible to find a thousand and one, with particularities, differences, subtleties, sometimes improbable associations.

But I can very well claim that it is impossible to imagine a program that highlights instruments without highlighting the Oud.

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