Dancing on water



You may find me hopelessly sentimental with my repeated attachments to Eastern European music – I won’t deny it.

But how can I not be carried away by it?

Maybe I could have reversed… and put the name of the band before the title of the song, but this title is so pretty. Dancing on water ! Impossible ? Not at all. Dancing on the water is always possible, after all, when the water is frozen & it’s beautiful … & difficult.

This time, I’ve dipped into Klezmer music, the traditional Jewish music of Eastern Europe – a music whose origins go back to at least the 15th century. It is a music of poor people, of wandering people, of people who adapt their rhythm not to the melody but to the enthusiasm or fatigue of the dancers.
This point is particularly important – and makes this music particularly valuable.

Honestly: can you listen to this without starting to nod, without entering the world of a sweet nostalgia and slowly, slowly, but surely, starts to be laughing and happy – a happiness with tears underneath, this is the music of the Balkans, no need for diamonds :

And this one? in a serious, grave, tone that winds and moves forward, and leads us to think, to ponder, to meditate – to be human and not greedy things

As for this one, I absolutely cannot resist, all my joy is there, how can I not dance, how can I not smile and dance, dance again?

The music that mixes at the same time the greatest joy and the deepest sadness, this one is part of the great music that must be shared – I know that these people are not very well known – and it’s a shame.

Finjan, a great group that does not forget the ancient roots, memory and art of the ancients, based in Winnipeg

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Featured Image : Finjan – Dancing on water

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