Marvellous Instruments n° 7

The ocarina is such an ancient instrument that it is lost in the mists of time.
Traces of it can be found 12,000 years ago, in China and in South American cultures. It is lost, found in Peru – it is made an instrument for children – it is shown to Charles V and the instrument travels around Europe. 8 holes, 10 holes, 11 holes, the ocarina has no rule.
And then an Italian gives it its modern form: it will have 12 holes, the shape of a small goose and its name: ocarina: we are in 1860.

It is used during the two world wars – one hears it in Sicily, in Sardinia, in Corsica much.

And it disappears again.

To return – even more glorious than before – thanks to the video game : The Legend of Zelda – & specially from :Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda

Which, when you have an idea of the life of this instrument, is quite relevant.

So if you pay attention, you can find the very special sound of this little ancestral goose in many soundtracks, movies or video games – because the ocarina follows all times.

And so, without wanting to ramble again, this instrument is quite major when you are interested in video games, manga and music at the same time.

It is the instrument-bond, the instrument-bridge

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