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That’s very mean of me, but I’m thrilled.
I’m glad I was right.

Reality denial has become a great international sport, I had noticed – but unfortunately for the deniers, reality still exists. And it is stubborn.
They say it ceases to exist for each of us when we are dead. Alas for the denial followers, not before.

I’ve been following the evolution of social networks for a while now – and oh drama, oh sadness, oh misfortune – what was so predictable is happening: it seems that networks are getting old and are slowly going to the elephant graveyard.

This time it’s Facebook again that takes a beating from reality. But everyone knew what was going on.

The reaction to decline is to invent the Metaverse. So be it.
Why not?

In fact, yes: why ?
The flaw in the reasoning is terrible – it comes from a refusal – I think – to analyze what is causing Facebook’s decline.
Instead of analyzing and understanding, the proposal to restore a situation of exponential growth is the technological flight – without having thought for a second about the content offered by the technology.
Which proposes an immersion in the world of Candy Candy – at least this virtual world is nice. Isn’t it nice? What do you mean it’s not nice?
It is especially without any interest conceived like that.

This refusal to think, to search and to find one’s own mistakes is literally the poison that kills all these companies, regardless of their size.

This refusal also to understand that there are evolutions in time that are not going to be fought without having understood what was going on.
Facebook didn’t want to understand – didn’t frankly ask itself what was going on. Wanted to take everything – and lost its base, its strength – what attracted others: its youth.

This intellectual position of refusal, of denial, is a real opportunity for the others – and that is a pity for some and good for others.

So it’s true – that’s very mean of me.

But I’m very happy, because without spending hours on it, I could see what was wrong with Facebook and the reality proves me right. So it’s a little victory in my head, so I’m happy.

I don’t think I need to say again that Altair needs to be designed as a company in motion – in constant adaptation – I’ve said that before.
And Facebook is proving for me what not to do when you claim to be adapting: you don’t jump further into the abyss. You have to understand why we’re flying lower and lower.
And then come the job offers of the new technologies. Not before.

A fatal error in reasoning.
Too bad.

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  1. Social Media will be the death of us all I fear. And yet we still use every avenue, well most of us do anyways. I feel that Facebook, for one, no matter what, will be with us for a long long time. Sad isn’t it?

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