Circus Incognitus

Jamie Adkins


Mr. Jamie Adkins is a true artist of the Circus world.
It’ s a world that is badly seen – it seems that all the others are jealous.

You have to know how to do everything to be a great circus artist: juggling, balancing, manipulation, comedy – of course – and to have the absolute love of the audience who are there to laugh and marvel at the same time – &: at the same time, it’s really particularly difficult to produce.

In the excerpt below – as long as there is music, everything is calm and poetic – but as soon as the actual excerpt of what is happening in the room is played, then I promise you, you will be won over by laughter – they are communicative, kids, when they laugh.

You’ll see that Mr. Adkins is really a huge artist :

– he started out on the street in the States, then trained with a first circus, then with the great Eloize circus in Canada and now he’s taken to the stage all by himself for a breathtaking spectacular – and frankly, if you don’t remember that Chaplin was a huge circus artist when you watch him, you’ll be deprived of dessert for at least three days, sans blague !

Chaplin – Circus

This artistic world is one of the greatest, most precious in the worlds of the living arts.

As for evoking again the mine of possibilities that a small excerpt of a show like this one already presents for whoever would like to invent excerpts at different levels of virtual reality – no I don’t do that : for him it’s so obvious. There are so many improbable places in this show – do you get the picture? Can you imagine yourself dropping off at what places on the ladders, mmm? pure legendary fun

Mind you, it’s also possible to turn your back on these virtual reality jobs to think about fishing in the Metaverse. A calm virtual experience… quiet…. so soothing …. and you won’t risk poisoning yourself with a toxic catch, it will be virtual toxic, so ? it passes.

Sorry – it’s really irresistible – it’s so easy – too easy.

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Featured Image : from Circus Incognitus, by Jamie Adkins

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