Lovely Hunting

Well – I need the money and now I think I need to put my fabulous creativity and flamboyant imagination to work for people who are so full of money they don’t know what to do with it.

So, considering the gigantic advances – gargantuan – on virtual worlds, I’m going to start proposing some amazing activities too.

Fishing is nice – I hadn’t thought about it – but I don’t like fishing, I couldn’t think of it.
Mushroom hunting, on the other hand, is perfect for those who like to walk in the woods.
In virtual terms, it’s perfect.

You don’t hurt your back by bending down.
You get a little thrill of cruelty when you cut the mushroom at its base with your sharp virtual knife and amazingly, you don’t hurt yourself with it!
You can go through all the thorny bushes – you won’t get stuck.
You can pick up all the nasty mushrooms that would have sent you to the graveyard, not even the poisonous ones.
It will even be possible to score like a madman with your mushroom basket: estimate the weight to the nearest milligram, estimate the price – yes you can find morels sometimes – estimate how dangerous your basket is. Sick stuff – to make all the gamblers in the world tripping.

Because, frankly : in real life, mushroom hunting sucks.
First of all, you have to know the mushroom spots – otherwise you spend the whole day finding snails.
Then you have to bend down all the time.
And with that, in real life, the mushroom is not so easy to cut – from there to cut your finger at the same time, there is only one little step.
I’m not even talking about the state of your jacket – rotten with old leaves, thorns, branches – and your shoes? mud everywhere, thanks to reality.
And the smell? you think mushrooms grow in fields of roses? this joke, it smells wet and rotten.

All this to spend hours freezing your hands, to clean the mushrooms – ah yes, remove the dirt, the mini worms, without damaging the mushrooms… la la la…

In the end, what do your mushrooms do? They reduce in the pan – and in 15 minutes everything is eaten.

Whereas with virtual reality – you’re delighted – you don’t need to scrub when you get home. Your clothes are perfect. You open a can of mushrooms, the meal is ready, you had a great afternoon – and clean – and a delicious meal, and without leaving your house.
You don’t even need to be real anymore – you’re done.

Isn’t that lovely ?

I feel like I’m off to a good start, I’ve finally found the thread for me

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