The Oblivion of Angels

Oblivion / Dance – Opera

This show is about love – again.
But this time… it’s all the tragedy that love between two human beings can entail that is summoned.

It is a dance show.
It is a modern opera – the singer uses a microphone, the purists will not be happy – but he sings beautifully, this man has pain in his voice, in an impressive way, he freezes your blood and your heart when he sings – in Latin, please.

This is a tragedy.
Love is beautiful when it is shared.
It is terrible when it is alone.

The woman has just died and he is alone. In front of him, the frozen body of the lady he loved so much.
From there, besides being broken, what to do?
Let her go? Forget her? Give her to the angels and stay in life?
But how to let her go, his heart bleeds as it has never bled before.
So he fights against Oblivion.
He does not want her to sink into Oblivion.

By his memory, by the power of this love which does not want to die, he awakens it. He becomes Orpheus and Eurydice comes back to life. The dancer comes to life – she lives, she lives, as much as he remembers. But as soon as he forgets – as soon as he stops – she goes back into the shadows

next to her, the angel waits.

And he, more and more torn, more and more guilty of abandoning her, is he the one who kills her a second time? He sees his pain increase until it becomes unbearable
But like Orpheus, he does not have the right to die – he will not join her.

It is terrible to see. To feel. It is also beautiful. It grips the heart, the guts, the soul. And there is no solution – how could there be a solution? This immense pain seems to be the price of the immense happiness of having truly loved. Wisdom is then difficult to reach – but it will be the path he will have to follow.

For the staging, here are two excerpts – the first sets the resolutely modern tone.

The second one gives the universal tone, that of the pain which has no temporality, the raw, absolute, unbearable pain except to express it by the song :

It’s a difficult show to watch, it’s true.
Which qualifies it all the more – the easy stuff is on our computers.

What makes it really valuable for a project like Altair is its theme – Oblivion.
Oblivion, that great big theme of so many great games…. If by any chance it becomes possible to invent a program around the theme of Oblivion, in addition to the necessary concerts based on the music of the games, this show should be programmed. It is an absolute.

& I say this all the more calmly because this show was created by the Swiss company Interface and was created, from the start, in several languages. There is no question of translation or adaptation problems, it is done.

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Featured Image : L’oubli des anges / The Oblivion of angels – Interface Company

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