Le Parc

Angelin Preljocaj


Sometimes, talking about love without talking about unhappiness, it feels good.

It’s awfully hard to find shows that dare to talk about love without the procession of tears, screams and misunderstandings that follow it – it’s more moving for the spectator.

It is better to look in the arts which are not primarily based for the narration – then the dance, of course, since the dance speaks about soul and body linked, associated, the one returning to the other what it thinks what it sees what it feels, what it fears what it wishes

So today, a ballet created by Angelin Preljocaj – a ballet that has been handled, reworked, thought out and rethought, a ballet that lives its life as a major work, changing with each staging.

This ballet is called Le Parc – the composer is Mozart, please.

It speaks and speaks only of love.
Love that awakens – love that is surprised to be felt by every fiber of the body – love that wants to know, that is afraid, that dares despite everything and then no longer dares – love that blushes and hides – love that launches itself – love that meets itself and these are infinite variations to know each other, body and soul together

It is necessary to touch each other in order to know each other, love has no misplaced modesty – it is necessary to marvel at the other by being as close as possible, and again and again, to marvel and then to laugh and leave enchanted by dancing at the same time the same score without having said anything before

There was hardly that the dance to transcend all this strange beauty of the love of the lovers
And hardly than Mr. Preljocaj to play the tightrope walker between modesty and impudence, always at the limit, on the point… and always touching right

Here is an excerpt from one of the latest versions – very clean, going to the heart :

And here is a longer excerpt, from an earlier stage of creation – you’ll see, with a more marked narration :

But of course, it would be necessary to see the whole thing – and after having dreamed of love, to live love

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Featured Image : from Le Parc – Angelin Preljocaj re-created by Laurent Hilaire, Aurélie Dupont – Nicolas Le Riche : dancers – Opera Garnier – Paris (Opera National de Paris)

Le Parc – ONP 2013

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