the Taiwan-based Tech Giant

and overall leader in Virtual Reality entertainment content.

This time, I’m beaten. Yes ? Well, let’s have a look at it :
The level: Animal Crossing is over.
Fortunately for the world, though.

The company has just presented at the SXSW Event two productions that illustrate what Virtual Reality will be in the field of entertainment, whether you go from cartoons to live shows.

For those of you who don’t know SXSW – South by Southwest, this particular festival combines 3 festivals: music, film and interactive media – in Austin since ? long time – since 1987. It is an important passage for innovations in the field I am interested in.

So, beware, it’s all about hanging on to the railings kids, it’s going to shake.

Where to start?

To make my defeat complete, let’s start with what is morally forbidden: children. Not giving kids anything is an unyielding foundation.
If they’ve managed to come up with an awesome way to offer VR to kids, I’m definitely out of the contest and only play chess with my kids from now.

Here is a glimpse of what the giant offers for children, in virtual reality – with a helmet on your head, that is.

It’s called : The Sick Rose

I’m sorry I’m not beaten.

I saw a possible “cute” story, which will terrorize some of the kids – it’s fashionable to terrorize the kids.
I haven’t seen anything at all exploiting virtual reality. Nothing new, nothing great, nothing exciting – nothing at all.
Where are my dragonflies? Where are my clusters of kids twirling in stories? They are nowhere. They didn’t occur to the creators of the giant.
As for envisioning baby and mommy together – that sounds impossible. Don’t they have kids these people?

Anyway – this is neither new nor useful in VR. The same in film and it will be fine, technology brings nothing here.

Let’s face it, this stuff for kids is too expensive to develop – and they need to focus on the live show.

The only one that makes money is the pop concert – or equivalent.
Still agree – though – but agree. I’m not going to be a bad thinker.
So here’s the proposal for a “new way” concert, in VR and all.
It’s called : Beatday

Warning: if you have epilepsy, do not watch. And if you think you’re close to becoming one, because the fast lights are breaking your skull, don’t watch either.

What do you want me to say?
I think I need to get into fashion. I definitely need to do IV drugs – I thought it was the adults in my childhood who created on drugs, I see that the movement has continued.

I saw another concert in psychedelic mode.

I have nothing against that.
But it’s not a novelty at all.
As for what VR brings, other than an exponential increase in epileptics, I don’t see much.
There are one or two passages that could have been exploited – but it’s probably not fun or psychedelic enough – so it goes on as before.

I’m at the point where I’m wondering who is crazy in this story.
Since I’m a bit lonely – I figure I’m the crazy one and everyone else is in the right.

I don’t really care. I like my madness better than their sanity, if I am the one who is mad.

In the meantime, giant or not giant, I haven’t seen anything amusing, relevant, or even just thoughtful.

So too bad, I’m still not beaten on this one.
So far, so good.

On Sunday I’m thinking of taking a closer look at people who really have something to contribute to Virtual Reality.
The fact seems to me to be taken for granted now: we should not look for companies, even giant ones – we should look for artists, the real ones, the ones who really have imagination to spare and are not so afraid of not being “fashionable”.

Basically, we have to look for those who make fashion, not for those who follow it.

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Featured Image : SXSW 2021 – Austin in VR.

See you on Sunday!

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