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No need, I think, to introduce you to Gorillaz.

This is a band I should have been talking about for months – a band I’ve had in mind for years, because this band is really creative and really able to take everything technology has to offer to create something new, something never seen, heard, felt.
They, for sure, they don’t go around in circles like old spinning tops.

Basically, Gorillaz is the brilliant and fruitful collaboration of an equally brilliant and fruitful musician & so much more: Damon Albarn and an equally brilliant and fruitful designer, artist, director & songwriter: Jamie Hewlett.

Their time, in England, is to be creative: here they join forces and invent the first virtual music band: the musicians will be animated characters.

And as it takes more than an idea to make a great result, Gorillaz will use a successful principle: to involve other artists in their band.

Obviously, in addition to comics and music, they touch on video games – and for example, it goes like this:

And what’s really, really interesting is that just before launching/founding Gorillaz, they worked directly and cash with other disciplines of live performance, to invent this quite extraordinary Chinese opera:

So, if instead of looking for help and fabulous innovations from the big companies launched like rockets in the great game of VR – which alas, have no ideas – we could look for help and lots of ideas from Gorillaz.

Offering them a theatre like Altair is likely to interest them: first with the different levels of entry into virtual reality – and therefore of entry of their spectators into their worlds; and then with the uses of the AA App that will allow all spectators to participate, anticipate, change, transform songs.

What would scare followers can’t scare Gorillaz.
They, yes they are able to take this and come out with some amazing achievements.

The incredible news is that, among contemporary artists, there are many, many people with great ideas just waiting to express themselves and explode everything we’ve already seen (too much).

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Featured Image : Gorillaz : the band.

See you on Wednesday, if you feel like it

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