The Skatalites


There are kids, there are babies, there are hopes, and there are legends.
The legends are the kids, the babies, the hopefuls who have stood the test of time with heart, daring, joy and love of the public.

In the world of Ska, the Skatalites are legends.

All legends have dark, if not terrible aspects and the band has its measure of horror – and death. Real death, murder, suicides, alcohol, drugs – they’ve had it all – and oddly enough, they haven’t died.
Most of the original musicians are gone – they have been replaced, and the band has managed the incredible feat of rising from the ashes – not once, but many times :

And here are young men to replace the missing, the lost, the stars burned to the winds – but the soul of the music remained, central, ever more bewitching – creating ever more attraction :

So it was not at all wise to bury both the old guys and the band – in 2020, they were on stage :

As for mixing morals with shows, then – no – this is not the right address.
These people tell the difficulty of living and offer the joy of living to those who listen and dance to them – isn’t that the most incredible gift?

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