The Shockwave Rider



4th part of the Black Tetralogy – how to resist it?

No doubt – surely – you know this story better than I do.
Which would almost motivate me more than usual to rush to propose it for Altair’s stage, the year Altair would launch into the Dystopias.

The subject of this very, very dark opus is particularly central to this lovely project: it’s about computers – in computers, the internet – in the internet: the belief that the world is safe.

The book is written in 1975
The action takes place in 2010

In 2010, as is strange and unimaginable, the whole world is connected. Everything is automated – computerized – connected but yes, everything, even very private objects, but yes ma’am, everything!

Any risks? None – a risk? but of what?

Well – sometimes there are people who are a bit smarter – no, people who are trained and know how to play with the languages of machines, superior or inferior, the fact is that the connection is like a huge sea – try to capture the sea, you will tell me about it.

So those who know how to dominate machines know quite easily everything they want to know about everyone.
How strange is that?
Isn’t the connection secure? immaterial? almost divine? ah well, no.

Here’s our story gone wrong – there are some really bad people in the world, don’t you think?
But how can we give up?
How do we disconnect?

you will see that below

Impossible, impossible, the matrix is too important – it’s everywhere, from the kitchen light to the coffee maker, it opens my door at the right time, it waters the garden, it plants the vegetables at the right time via my connected planter

No way.
So much for that.

Because there’s always a genius who doesn’t like people -and especially people who believe in gods that aren’t gods.
That genius will plan to destroy the connection.
Did you know about viruses?
You will know their higher evolution.

The joke will get really bad and the nice connected world will become a terrifying hell.

Of course it is necessary – perhaps it was done in English? – adapt this work to the stage

It’s like reading about what’s happening nowadays

As for Altair – so without wanting to be painful – the beautiful villain that I like and that I want to summon for my Impossible Festivals, has exactly the same project – and in 3D –

In the meantime, I found that, – around :

& so many other works created from this novel

An unmissable work this work
Right in the middle of our current problems


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Featured Image : The Shockwave Rider adapted by Vlad Bahatyrevich

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