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Okay – I’m French – we won.
I am delighted. ……and….. I’m not sorry

Since Friday April 1st from Tuesday 5 – in France, it happened on Reddit and on all the other sites, exactly what led me to take my little pilgrim’s staff and to propose you this new way of considering the shows called Altair.

What happened ?

nothing else but an extraordinary vital impulse, a joyful impulse, a combative impulse, which occurred.
It was about filling the ” place ” offered by Reddit to its community.

This is not entirely new – you can see a short history of the process here. It was in 2017:


Five years later, Reddit is doing it again.

It’s wonderful – because they took the time to wait. No one got tired of it. On the contrary.

And then this year, the momentum has been tremendous – worldwide – so much so that they’ve had to expand the space for users.

Don’t rush, don’t wear out users by not knowing how to take the time: they were so right ! – this is a lesson to keep in mind.
Their success has been monumental.

What struck me this year – and what literally excited me was the “French flag war” – as soon as Reddit expanded its space, some French people used a ? small rectangle to take over a huge space and place the French flag.
Inside, the Eiffel Tower. And the attacks from other communities started at that moment.
The flag – our flag – was too big!

maybe…. it was 😀 – Sunday

For you to understand the extent of the phenomenon, you need to keep in mind that each user could place a pixel every five minutes – no more.
The “small” drawings represent communities of 200 to 400 people present at the same time.

To defend and attack this huge flag, huge communities were mobilized for two whole days.
I know we were accused of cheating by others – but I also know that the whole French internet mobilized for the flag – so much so that it got into the serious press, which was moved to see the whole of France on Reddit, placing its little blue or white or red pixel.
I know that France organized itself into ‘seasons’ to counter attacks over 24 hours: you were part of a season according to your birth date and you took your quarter, like sailors used to do at sea. I was “winter”. And …. France won. Voilà.

After an absolutely epic final battle – it stopped when Reddit colored the map in white pixels – and left users with only white pixels.

I’m telling you, you had to be there, at that closing: what to do? But France again, finally. A huge France with its letters in white on the rest of the world… and … it was done – to the amazement of the other users.
We leave Osul, we go straight up, come on, go go go ! -now ! turn right – bar 1 of the F
Attention bar 2 now
For the R, let’s start from Brazil

and …. and they understood the others… they replied and in the end everyone together wrote: FREE… Done

I describe this to you so you can understand the immense power of these new ways of owning the world.

When I dream of Altair, I dream of a place where the audience is what they want to be: active. When I dream of Altair Twin, Altair on the internet, I dream of a place that allows spectators – users – to perform this way, together.

Surely it is possible to continue as before – each in his own place.
But that means letting the before die.

And how can we not dream of seeing this immense force irrigate the world of entertainment with its vitality?
I participated in this event and I knew that, if I succeed, they will be there when Altair needs them, the streamers, youtubers, forumers, video game communities.
They will be there to defend Altair when Altair will be attacked by the villain who will attack it at the Impossible Festival. They will come to play when Altair offers them to participate in the shows.

You know who was on the front lines first? The teams and their communities. It’s not a coincidence.

Playing and offering the community to participate is exactly what they love & enjoy.
And that’s exactly what’s season-long tournaments are all about.
That’s exactly what Festivals are all about – not too often, not every year, not with passive spectators.
That’s exactly what the AA App is all about.

And that is not 2000 spectators.

But we can continue to fight to keep it the way it was, because the new way ? it’s not chic, not intellectual, not quite right, not this, not that, not not not…. ah ! – in English : Ha !

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Featured Image : Reddit Place on Monday morning, April 4, 2022

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