The Nile / AA App

So the Nile, the immense and fertile river of East Africa, was the living element that allowed life to take root and civilization to prosper, in the times when

Okay – d’accord – I agree. I’m not going to write an article about the Nile – even though it’s a fascinating subject. It is, for me, an image – the image of this immense life force that has given so much other life, so much culture and so much art.

This fertile, powerful and almost uncontrollable force now comes to us from the applications of this amazing invention that we call the Internet.

How to make the internet the modern Nile?

Well… seriously ….none of this is news to me – let’s just say that the Reddit Place episode gave me a huge confirmation of what “everything” has been pointing to for the past few years.
Give people, the public, the opportunity to participate, and they will be drunk with joy!
Finally! Finally they are no longer seen as empty vessels to be filled.
Am I exaggerating? obviously.

What can we propose to this immense energy coming from the Internet?
Not empty boxes – that’s meta and company.
But games – participation in shows.

Can you imagine that?
Knowing that all the pro-gamers in the world have communities following them?
That they can offer their communities to participate in their tournament when it is made by Altair?

Participate how?
By opening the locations of the games – the maps.
By letting them set traps and aids for their teams.
By scuttling the work of the other teams – and so on – and they will be a lot of “pre-battle”
By giving indications to their team – information – roundabout ways – faster ways – gaps in the scenery

Giving them the opportunity to be the troopers during the final game.

Can you imagine that?

This is for the tournament, which takes place over a whole season, each season – with games of different sensibilities, so different communities of players (relatively)

But not only.
There are also the Festivals.
Yes they will be there, to defend the Altair-Twin “ship” that I will have attacked and boned by my villain.

No Surrender !
These were the two words of the French on Monday.

No, we will not accept defeat.
No, we will not surrender
What you attack, we will rebuild

But : Yes! Let’s go guys! Play the epic battle – Altair is made for you to play

Do you understand?
If we want a theatre and shows for now and for the future, we have to include the audience. That’s all they want.

And it will be epic.
And it will be incredible.
It was epic on Reddit those four days – no script, no nothing – it was an incredible show.
You have to give these shows a place in the entertainment world.

This is not a fad – or a fashion statement – or anything – it is the most urgent request I have ever heard in my life.

As long as the big professionals don’t understand that, let them stay with their handkerchiefs, spending their money on gadgets. Being on a chair that moves? oh wow, it makes you want to vomit.
Walking in Calcutta while I’m in France? oh wow – I prefer a movie and my old sofa.

Playing in Calcutta while I’m in France? ah yes, here yes there I come.

Yes, it is necessary to spend money to invent this tournament-spectacle of
Yes, money must be spent to design the AA App, which must be able to bring together all the players from all over the world, when it comes to participating.

Ah but…. to get audience. People who come – people who come back – people who finally got what they have been waiting for years.

Seeing the success of Fortnite’s real-virtual concerts and standing still is sad.
Seeing the failure of meta and investing in meta is funny.
Seeing the huge success of Reddit Place and remaining dubious, it’s … discouraging.

That’s okay – someday someone will do this. And he’ll win.

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