League of Legends

Video game / E.sport

League of Legends – Lol – is one of the must-have games of this old new sport called e.sport – sport, as you know, that interests me particularly for Altair.

This is what it looks, an e.sport tournament :

Do you know that these young people began by being the despair of their parents?
Go out, get some fresh air, play some sports – yes, Mom

If you don’t know this game, it will probably seem incomprehensible to you – I know.
However, the public is well aware of it and appreciates anything that seems incredible to them.
Here’s what you need to know:

So it’s a particularly popular game, for years, which has generated an incredible fan-base – and which is remarkable for the enormous number of tactical possibilities offered to players and teams. Hence its success.

If you know the game – or if you’ve watched the videos – or if you trust me, you’ll have noticed that, in addition to the players, a number of elements are managed by the game’s AI: the minions – which will be helpers for the team – and fighters of the opposing team – as well as the various encounters that each team will be able to fight and defeat in order to improve its abilities.

And this is where ….
that I make my French iconoclast.

As a reminder: I’m using this game as an example – no need to throw tomatoes at me because of the sacrileges I’m about to write.

Let’s move into the future.

In the future, it is no longer an AI that manages these various secondary characters.
In the future, it’s your “real” teammates, your fans, the players who are not as good as you who manage them.
In the future, it is pro-gamers who manage the monsters in the jungle – of different levels depending on the level of the monster.

In the future, the minions, instead of all going to the goal together, according to the 3 lines, can adopt other strategies. They can be excellent or pathetic – it all depends on who is playing them.

In the future, these will also be there during the competition.

Yes – I know – you shouldn’t do that.
But I’m talking in the future – so? it’s okay.

In the future, when LoL will play with Altair, the selection phases will also be selection phases for them, who will be the secondary characters played right now by the AI.

Do you see the trick?
Have you seen the enthusiasm of the fan base already now?
Can you imagine the enthusiasm of this audience, if they are allowed to enter, a little, into the heart of the “big” competition?

Does Altair have anything to play with LoL? Well, LoL isn’t just a game – it’s a whole epic story…. – so between the music and the stories, Altair will have plenty to play with.

Would LoL benefit from this?
I think there’s always a benefit in expanding the scope of what you’re offering.

And this tournament, this scope, is Altair’s offering. Toc.

Here it is – since I’ve been talking about e.sport, I had to show you what it is – now and not in the future.

I’ve spared you tons of figures – it’s obvious that this competition is a worldwide success – I don’t need to add to them.

What I do have to add is something else: when you love the show and the video games and you see this kind of show, how can you not dream of going even further?

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Featured Image : from League of Legends – Riot Games

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