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Subnautica Below Zero is a beautiful video game – really beautiful.
It is the sequel to Subnautica – which I already told you about.

It’s what we call an open world video game, in first person: you can only see your character’s hands and feet.
Open world, that means that you’re landed there, on this world-planet and that’s it. You’re on your own.

It’s up to you to start by not freezing to death – Below Zero, the title is not there for nothing.
Then, don’t die of thirst – which is horribly ironic since you are in a world of water and ice. But at the beginning of the game, you have to understand how not to die of thirst.
Then starve to death.
With that finally done, you can think about visiting this universe, swimming.
Now your only indication of the game is a “fabricator” who gives you recipes for tools that you may or may not find useful to create.
The knife arrives rather quickly in your life as a survivor. Don’t know how to do it? Check out the recipe and go harvest the ingredients – beware, without an oxygen tank you spend very little time underwater. And then you drown.

Slowly, you start the game – you notice a remarkable soundtrack and you will learn to dive with dastardly sharks lurking around, because what you need is in the “shark corner”.

The moment you figure out how to survive for more than 10 seconds on the frozen land, you think about discovering the land strips – and there some other not-so-friendly animals will start to explain to you that you are not welcome at all.

The difference with the first opus is in the difficulty and length – the world of Below Zero is much less huge – so you will only have 70 hours to spend exploring to find clues, materials, recipes and to find the goals of the game – to find your sister and to get rid of the alien who found refuge in your skull box, who doesn’t want to come out and who also allows himself to find you a little bit lousy, as a living being.

That’s the game – basically. It’s a recent game, of course.

It’s a huge success – obviously
Which I am loving, needless to say.

So – let’s assume that Altair exists – what to do with this game?

I have three areas to explore:
the first one, the most important one for me – the audience.
the second one, which I can’t ignore, the creators of the game
the third one, obvious, Altair – the theatre that proposes “a thing” from Subnautica Below Zero.

Axis 1: the spectator
I am a spectator and I like games. I see Altair interested in Subnautica Below Zero.
I am delighted – yes – but what are my expectations?

Altair offers me the music of the game on stage? Oh yes, I remember the music – of course I come.

Ben Prunty (Original composer) and Unknown Worlds (Developers).

So I’m waiting for the music at least – but I’d love to see some game footage in the background.

Altair offers me shows around the themes of the game? adventure, survival, the sea? Is there Moby Dick in the Subnautica “package”? Okay, I’ll come and see Moby Dick.
I have small children and I can also choose I-glu? then yes I choose I-glu too.

And that’s all?
Oh no – if that’s all I’m disappointed.

Ah – an aquatic experience in Virtual Reality? From Moby Dick? and I’ll be like in Subnautica? not bad – I’ll take the Virtual Reality experience. I’m not afraid, I’ll take the VR Legendary mode – and the VR co-op mode for I-glu with the kids.

That’s it?
But still – me, this game, I love it. So what do you think?
A theater that “links” with video games and where you do not play, we talk about it?

Of course we have to think about a moment of play.
There is no need to always go to the – we are not always obliged to do always the same thing and always the same as the others, right?

What is there to play fast and fun in Subnautica? You can imagine a race – there is the space and the fabulous “running” machine you made yourself.
An underwater shelter contest
A challenge: go and find it – the first one wins

In short – there is plenty of room to create a game animation in the theater, where spectators are invited to play Subnautica – to win, for example, a place in a Virtual Reality experience (I know it costs money)
Or to win a trophy – a legendary object – to be placed in your AA App – and there it doesn’t cost money on the contrary.

At this level I gave my viewer something to be satisfied with

But now I’m in axis 2: the creators of the game & music : Unknown Worlds – Developers & Ben Prunty – Original composer

Now I know that I have several things to negotiate with them.
The rights for the music – of course
The rights to organize a game event
and I think, an agreement to place their game in a larger package that allows the audience to target their show choices around that game.
What’s in it for them?
Publicity in the first place – bringing their game back to life in the midst of the endless stream of new games that flood all the “game-passes” of the video game community –
So it’s not impertinent, on the contrary, for a video game company to have the assurance that their game will be showcased for a season in a theatre.
This will allow Altair to negotiate without being just the beggar – we offer an innovative and incredibly powerful advertising service to these game companies.

Here I am in axis 3 – Altair.
To achieve this there are a few requirements.
First of all, we need to know what games will be programmed – it’s silly, but it’s necessary.
Then to have identified shows to create a package – a batch of shows/activities/game or games.

This lot should be “open” for the viewer to choose what they want inside –
This lot allows for a discount on the overall price – much like a restaurant if you choose a menu rather than “a la carte”.

The next step is to calculate how many shows/activities this lot is profitable for the spectator and for the theatre.

-> we have to offer these packages – in fact, these packages allow us to associate shows with one or more video games

As a result Altair realizes this:
a programming adapted to the games – in part
virtual reality programs adapted to the lot
a real moment of play with the video game and the spectators – according to an issue imagined from the spirit of the video game – without it being the tournament which requires much more work, time and investment
specific content of the AA App that allows to “play to win” without costing the theatre a lot of money and arms.

not easy but – doable and beneficial to all three parties: the spectators, the game developers – this game is part of the splendid galaxy of “independent games”, the company has 4 people – , and of course the theatre that will have the idea to realize it.

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Featured Image : Subnautica Below Zero – by Unknown Worlds Entertainment – 2021

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