Dark Romanticism / Music & Dance

Some time ago I mentioned this huge game Bloodborne, huge by its conception, by its imagination, by its difficulty – a game in the purest tradition of dark romanticism.

What does that mean? It means that it is nature that predominates and that our relationship with it, instead of being happy, joyful, alive, has become noxious, harmful, stupid – this is where dark romanticism opens – that of man in a nature with which he has lost contact, a nature that he tries to break by dint of wanting to dominate it.

And here is my subject of the day: the show is called Forêt – it is described as a sensory and poetic opera – with music, lights and dance on stage – and a very particular attention to the stage costumes.

Which allow to put in movement a damaged nature, uprooted : what will it do? Will it rise again? Will it rebel against us? Will it let itself die?

What does the human being do in the face of this?
This is the journey that the show proposes – what are we doing now, that we no longer understand each other, man and nature?

It is a very powerful show, as bewitching as a drunken night
And that would fit like a glove, like a brother, with a program that would take the time to propose the music of Bloodborne… and this is how, in an artificial and yet so logical and natural way, a link can be created between the world of the show and the world of the game

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Featured Image : Forêt – by F Vigroux – Cie D’Autres Cordes 2022

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