Hollow Knight

Video Games / to stage.

What can I tell you about this game?

That it is a delightful independent game made by three people and not one more.
That any normal human being will get lost in it in an unbelievable way.
That a human being with no sense of direction will get hopelessly lost – one of the mechanics of the game is based on the puzzle principle, no chance for those – of which I am unfortunately one.

This time, the problem of the game is not a flood – as in Halo – but not so far, since the world is infected by a mysterious entity that rots all living beings – it’s up to you, the hero, to remedy this calamity.

Visually speaking, the progress of the infection is very nicely rendered and we go from an inky blue world to an increasingly hellish orange world – from the icy softness of the night to the devouring flames

If it were easy, the game probably wouldn’t have been as successful – because, you see, although built in a wonderful graphic universe with a great soundtrack – this game is a pure hell.
In fact, its difficulty is very much inspired by FromSoftware‘s games: the Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Elden Ring for the last one: you have to master perfectly your character and the game mechanics to hope to get through.

You may say to me: what does it have more than the others?

It has – the details – those little things that look like nothing but make all the difference.
Having to fight your own ghost when you’ve been killed by a too powerful opponent – paying a tired antique beetle to take you back to a place you know a little bit about – understanding a couple’s nice problems with the gentleman’s and then the lady’s comments – eliminating a boss and understanding that no, it’s not over, still not – wondering when you’re finally going to get a proper weapon and no, still not – etc etc-

– but – yes – d’accord – what really interests me is its story.

For me, this game has three major advantages
First of all, its graphic universe is literally wonderful
Then its music and soundtrack – you have to have heard a character singing from far – far away – to taste the quality of the work
& above all : its plot. So complex – so much to discover – that it allows all the variations – in a word, all the possible extended universes
Allowing almost naturally an adaptation on stage of an element of this extended universe.

What is the purpose of this?
So ……
No use at all
Or: to propose a show that will be enchanting

  • that will bring to the theatre those who love this game
  • that will give another dimension to this story
  • that will offer a very high quality entertainment to those who like to be entertained
    and which will allow to propose hours and hours of discussion around the complex universe of the game

I prefer the solution from: or .
But this is a very personal opinion, of course.

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Featured Image : from Hollow Knight – by Team Cherry 2014/2018

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