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by Sidi Larbi & Antony Gormley with the Shaolin Monks, music by Szymon Brzóska.

Sutra is first of all an improbable show because it is based on improbable meetings of worlds that seem so different.

From the very western contemporary dance to the ancestral arts transmitted from generation to generation of less Shaolin, the idea was almost improbable.

And yet
Not so much – because the heart of both worlds is the same – mastering one’s body to master one’s heart – that is where the meeting takes place.

And this results in an absolutely amazing show – where 17 dancers are 17 Shaolin monks.

As a result, curiosity can only be aroused – what on earth are monks doing on a stage?
Yes – in France they are not very well known, the Shaolin monks

And curiosity leads to the martial arts taught to these monks – arts so impressive that they have long since gone beyond their borders – and they return, bringing with them what Western cultures have invented that is truly popular, and everything harmonizes and becomes wonderful.

A small demonstration by a master of the discipline? The light is not excellent – but the master is unbelievable.

Contemporary dance is often very dry and difficult to access – but seen in this light, it becomes much more accessible to a wider audience than the ‘famous specialists and amateurs’.

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Featured Image : Sutra – by Sidi Larbi & Antony Gormley with the Shaolin Monks, music by Szymon Brzóska.

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