The Dark Crystal : Odyssey

Dance & so so much more

What can I tell you about this ?

Definitely nothing – except that the show will be presented at the Royal Opera House in London in May.

I only know three things about it: the title, the choreographer and the poster

With the title and the poster – I have exactly what I’m looking for: a show absolutely and intimately linked to the larger world of video games, via the very picturesque Anglo-Saxon culture, all filled with demons, elves, goblins and objects as strange as magical.

Okay – obviously it is not only linked to video games – but ? do I care about more/better links ?not today

because it’s not one game title that’s tied to this story: it’s at least three library rooms –
So I will choose in a totally arbitrary way to link it to the series : Fable – because of the graphic universe of the poster & because I have already talked about this series of games, which is in itself a gold mine.

So I figure that I’m not the only one who finds this connection – and I salute the Royal Opera House for thinking of opening up a bit to a “too young” and “uneducated” audience.

Now I wonder if the initiative will be successful and if, in May, we’ll see armies of geeks, pro-gamers and noobs heading to the theatre to see the show.

Frankly, I hope they do.
Of course, it will have to be announced a bit outside the usual channels – but they’ve probably already done that.
I admit – I have a little doubt – but I’m a suspicious girl.

That being said, the third element – the third clue – is quite ‘catchy’ – just look at what this choreographer is doing … monsieur Wayne McGregor :

It should be a great show – no – it will be.

Featured Image : poster of the show : The Dark Crystal : Odyssey

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