Altair Twin / AA App

Xp, every player knows what it is – it’s experience gained in-game, which usually allows you to improve your character’s skills – or “earn” special content – cosmetics – for your characters.

I had a horrible, long and boring day – but it was about reaching out to the youth, so a few brought up the XP – I’ll skip the stupid reactions of the idiots who think they are smart –

so I wondered – because I had nothing else to do – if I had already mentioned it for the AA App and Altair Twin.

XP is a base

It’s a great way to build player loyalty – the “passers-by” – and a way that costs almost nothing.

So, obviously, for the AA App and its “long” version of Altair Twin, it will be necessary to create an XP system that will allow players/viewers to evolve in the Altair world.

To progress, more exactly.

There will be two issues to resolve:

Will it be possible, as in some huge games, to “farm” your character and your skills?


what will these XP points be used for.

The first part will be solved if the AA App becomes what I want it to be, a Fallout Shelter-like game based on Altair’s programming, with quests and missions, daily, weekly, monthly

The second part will require a bit more imagination.

Since I’m tired tonight, I won’t find the answer – or maybe I’ve already found it and forgotten it? –

but I’ll put it here, as the next stone to be cut.

How to use the XP for Altair?

Just thinking about it makes me sink – I’ll let you think for me, hé !

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