A plague tale : Requiem

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How do I get started?
Simply will be the best.
A plague tale : Requiem is the sequel to the game : A plague tale : Innocence, made by the French studios Asobo.
This sequel was made while most of the studio was working on the outstanding (yes!) Flight Simulator, with Microsoft.

Directly in the subject of Altair, there was this: the exceptional symphonic concert, realized in Paris, Salle Gaveau.
The original music was composed by Olivier Derivière : I can only advise you to listen to this, it is sumptuous.

You will notice that the lines move a little bit.
Those nasty people from the video game industry are now entitled to one – but only one – little concert – yes but in Paris, madam, in Paris all the same – and not just anywhere, at the Salle Gaveau.

Oh ? yes – and this is quite normal when you realize the exceptional quality of this music – listened to, as it is curious, not at all by the old so-called experts and luminaries in music, but by all their great-grandchildren, the famous young uncultured.

But I note, all the same, with pleasure, that the lines are moving. Very very slowly – yes, but they are moving.
Soon, the old mammoths will give way to the young rhinoceroses. That’s great.

And – chance – you think? – it’s not only the music that makes this game remarkable “for a project like Altair”.
Either you take my word for it, or you spend a few minutes walking through the video of chapter 2 – it’s the very beginning of the game, everything …. looks…. so joyful and happy.

mmm… in reality this game is on the verge of a horror game, especially for those who have a slight phobia of rats – because rats are everywhere and …. not alone – complete tidal waves of these swarming bugs that fall on you – but …. that’s the plot of the game, under the great black plague in France in the 14th century.

So if you walk around the reconstruction of this medieval town in the South of France, on the side of the Luberon for those who have already been to France… you will notice that the non-player characters – who are the “inhabitants” of the town, simple extras – are particularly well animated and particularly diverse.

And – yes, since I’ve been saying it for years now – the developers have been keen to give as much soul and realistic life as possible to their atmospheres –
so they logically inserted some passages of live shows – since they were the only shows of the old times.

So not only is there room for shows in games – but there is also – and yes I repeat – there is also demand from video game developers.
Because they’re not jerks.
Because, when they can, they make their games into masterpieces.

Because this collaboration is logical – it flows from the moment the technical means allow it.
They allow it – it flows naturally.

So I say again: yes, it is more than possible to see extracts of real great live shows in video games.

And I say it again-again: it will be really, really, a fantastic day, the day of this first day.

And so, to note: do not forget Asobo studio, they are immense creators.

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Featured Image : from A Plague tale : Requiem – by Asobo Studio – 2022

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